The Shop of Author Jo Johnson

About Jo Johnson

Jo JohnsonJo is a different kind of social worker. To date, she has worked in 17 states and she isn’t done yet.

She worked in clinical settings for 28 years before expanding her work at national, regional and community levels. The Scholar Store is her first social entrepreneurial project after years of building non-profit programs and collaborations.

Jo’s Skill Areas

Start-Up Person: Jo has a strong track record of starting new programs, collaborations and initiatives. She LOVES to create solutions that meet the needs of children, youth, families and communities. She builds these efforts from ground zero: assessing community needs and strengths, finding funding, hiring and training great staff, testing out innovative approaches, creating data systems, developing evaluation outcomes and bringing unlikely partners to the table to make real change.

Voracious researcher: When Jo starts a new project, she reads everything. She digs into existing knowledge and talks with researchers about their studies.

Innovator: Jo has always been someone who questions the status quo. She immerses herself in the work and identifies elements that are missing from how we do our work. Then, she seeks out answers in predictable and unpredictable places to improve our helping efforts.

Collaboration Builder: It seems like every funder wants us to work in collaborations, but there is so little information available to help us do this effectively, especially when members are from very different systems.

Author: Writing has become a new passion for Jo. Words are flying off her laptop even though she never really learned keyboard skills. She wants to share what she has learned in her 40 years as a social worker and hopes to persuade her colleagues to do the same.

Document J contains an overview of the Coaching Process. This process helps youth: become aware of how they respond in different situations; identify patterns in their behaviors; consider their intentions;…