Wiggle Room Part 1 Document C: Specific Strategies for Community Engagement During Individual Phase of Development

This document focuses on how to engage a community with an understanding of its phase of development or POD. This information is invaluable! It will help you build new programs or grow existing ones in a way that increases your program’s chances for success AND the productivity of the community. Please note that “community” may refer to a neighborhood, city, county or region.

The four phases of community development are outlined below: Night, Dawn, Daytime, and Dusk. The labels were selected to anchor this framework to something that most of you experience every 24 hours, making it easy to remember and use. Additionally, there are some similarities between the phases of a community and the 24 hour cycle. For most people, Night is a time when people move indoors and sleep. Productive activity begins with the Dawn and peaks during Daytime hours. So too, do communities move along a continuum of light and dark; activity and inactivity; connection and isolation between residents.

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