What to do vs How to do it

The Scholar Store is Looking for Human Service Professionals who have:

• spent years learning how to work with people and communities.
• nurtured new professionals and coached others into leadership positions.
• taught students and supervised interns and staff.
• built collaborations and seeded social change.

How Will You Share Your Wisdom?

Over the past two decades we have seen the creation of many new evidence-based programs and policies (EBPP’s). This is great. But, experienced human service professionals possess a rich bank of practice wisdom that is essential to their effective use. The two are like a pair of shoes. We need both to get anywhere. 

Take EBPP’s, add skills around engaging clients, assessing situations, creating plans with those you serve, predicting difficult moments and working through them and change happens! Deliver EBPP’s within healthy organizations with strong leadership by a supported, trained workforce and EBPP’s can change people’s lives. Create collaborations with an understanding of the community’s phase of development and lives can improve.

Can You Write a Chapter?

If yes, then you can create an e-document and begin sharing your experience with others. Each e-document is 10-20 pages of text describing how to promote change with children, teens, adults or communities. Some e-docs will be complete within themselves and some will be part of a series of e-documents. You decide. Your e-document must contain original work, so write it after work or it belongs to your employer.

Benefits of Publishing Here:

1. Create revenue stream for yourself or your agency
2. Retain all intellectual property rights to your work
3. Get help marketing your work to your target population
4. Have webpage presence without having to create or maintain a website
5. Package your work in an affordable and easily accessible format

Ready to start publishing with The Scholar Store?