Ready to Publish?

You want to share your knowledge and generate revenue? Good.

There are three things that will increase your chances for success:


Share important information!

Please don’t submit fluff or teasers for consideration.  Write about how you have helped people and communities make change in their lives. How have you engaged them in this work, even when they were ambivalent, scared or totally resistant? How have you built relationships that make it safe for change to occur? What didn’t help? Write about mistakes and lessons learned.


Professional editing is essential.

The biggest criticism of online documents is that they contain spelling or grammatical errors. When readers see errors, they devalue the work and are less likely to purchase other documents. There are lots of affordable online resources to assist you.


Follow the guidelines below for creating your e-document.

These guidelines serve two purposes: they allow readers to find basic information easily so that they can make an informed purchase; AND they will allow The Scholar Store to expand its market to mobile devices. All good.

Guidelines for E-Document Formats

Please use the following guidelines to create your e-document. Doing so will help you produce high-quality materials that will communicate your ideas well and increase sales. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the rejection of your e-document(s) for publication at The Scholar Store.

Is each document:

Focused on sharing important practice wisdom?

The original work of the Author(s)?

In .pdf format?

10-20 pages in length? Maximum file size: 10 mb

Edited by a professional editor?

Contains only images / photos that you have permission and / or license to publish?

Does each document:

Begin with a Cover page or Title page?

Have a brief introduction on the second page? Describe your masterpiece!

Include a Table of Contents on the second page, if needed for this work?

Minimize the use of tables, charts, and columns

Use Times New Roman, Garamond, or Arial font?

Use 11-12 point font sizes (maximum 14 point)?

End with back text: a little about you; names of other titles you have written; and how to connect with you in whatever ways you desire (email, social media, etc.)

How to Submit an E-Document:

  1. Register as an Author and Sign the Electronic Publication Agreement
  2. Login to The Scholar Store Author Dashboard
  3. Select Add E-doc from the Dashboard menu
  4. Complete the submission form
  5. We will review your submission and contact with our decision regarding the publishing of your document or with suggestions for improvements.

We promise not to share your materials with anyone in any way without your permission during this review process.